Gumboot and Waterproof Shoe Care

All shoes need a little love sometime and Rainboot and Gumboots will sometimes scream for it so show them the love with our helpful tips.

How Do I Care for my Gumboots?

Natural rubber has similar features to leather please make sure to follow these guidelines for care:.


  • Use a shoe horn or lift your toes up heel down and pull off. If you do not have a heel peg at the back of the boot
  • Do not use your other foot to push the boot off as this may cause the heel to split from the boot in the case of a two piece weld.


  • Rinse boots after use using a mild detergent non solvent based detergent.
  • Do not use any type of solvent as this will cause Rubber to perish.
  • Treat rubber boots regularly with a silicon rubber conditioner which we sell in our store.


  • Store your rubber boots cool environment inside or undercover out of sunlight.
  • Avoid trying to dry your boots near sources of heat as the rubber will deteriorate or buckle.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sun light makes rubber become dry, brittle & it will start cracking as the rubber perishes.

Do not leave your rubber gumboots outside for prolonged periods of time.