Fast Drying Bamboo Socks - Gumboot Junction
Fast Drying Bamboo Socks - Gumboot Junction
Fast Drying Bamboo Socks - Gumboot Junction
Fast Drying Bamboo Socks - Gumboot Junction
Fast Drying Bamboo Socks - Gumboot Junction

Fast Drying Bamboo Socks

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  • Breathable, and Oh So Comfortable
  • Perfect for any Boot but especially Gumboots and Workboots
  • Naturally bacteria inhibiting to Stay Fresher Longer
  • No More Smelly Feet - Ever!
  • Extremely absorbent yet breathable
  • Thermo-regulating – warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Environmentally friendly – Grown and manufactured without the use of harsh   chemicals, serious pollutants or land degradation.
  • Shipping 7 days for Australia
  • Shipping 14 - 21 Days International

Made From:
These socks bamboo fibres are regenerated cellulose fibres using mature bamboo timber. The technology to produce it has been around for nearly 100 years, but it has only been used with bamboo in Japan and China since the turn of the century.
Know the socks you walk in come from sustainable resources.

Anti-bacterial Properties
Look at how the bacteria is eliminated. Bamboo has been grown for millennia in Asia without the use of pesticides. It is rarely attacked by any pests and not susceptible to diseases. Japanese scientists have found, the reason for this is a unique anti-bacterial agent of bamboo named “bamboo kun”. This substance, combined with the tight molecular structure of bamboo fibres, are believed to give bamboo its anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic properties.  These properties do not diminish even after more than 50 washes!   Chemical additives added to achieve the same result in other types of socks can often cause skin irritations and other problems.

Results from Anti-bacterial Testing conducted by CTITC (China Textile Industry Testing Centre)

Anti- bacteria test FZ/T 01021-92 conducted July 2003.

Testing Fabric > Bacteria Introduced > 24 hrs later bacteria Count > Performance

Bamboo fabric: 8.6 X 10,000(= 86,000)
0.2 X 100 (= 20) = 99.8% elimination

Cotton fabric: 2 X 100,000 (= 200,000)
1.1 X 100,000,000 (= 110,000,000) = 55,000% INCREASE

Similar scientific tests have been performed by various international textile testing laboratories. These can easily be accessed in numerous websites. In bamboo fabric, bacteria numbers were reduced to less than 0.2%.
Whereas in cotton fabric, bacteria number increased to 550 times the original.